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Many appear to not understand the fundamental point of activism. At its core it is about facilitating change in an area where there is a gross injustice. Sharing information amongst people who already know this information is obviously not an effective way to create change. Sharing this information amongst those who do not know it is the key strategy. Now, There are also many people who find the sharing of this information a “ramming down your throats” kind of thing. But those who hold this view, miss the bigger picture and tend to think that they speak for all people when, of course, they do not. There are many many open minded and gentle heartened Individuals out there who do not know this information and are thankful for hearing it as it empowers them to make choices that sit well with their souls. It is not about judgement of your choices, it is about offering the facts to those who are open and appreciative of them and quite frankly, you feeling judged is the least of an animal activists concern when 56 billion animals are raised and slaughtered every year, killing our planet slowly. Arguing as though a person offering information about cruelty and injustice is an affront to your rights rather than seeing the rights of those he/she is fighting for is the exact problem and in doing so it creates more of a need within the activist to offer the information. There is great honour and respect in finding the deep strength and courage to face and at least acknowledge that our treatment of animals is unfair, whether you continue your lifestyle or not afterwards. I hope this helps anyone to understand that the activist is not enjoying this, is not feeling all high and mighty and is not concerned with judging you. They’re far more occupied with the constant cruelty they’re so inescapably aware of to bother worrying about your feelings.

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