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This lovely little lady was in a truck accident recently, but that’s not why she’s in a special little chicken wheelchair. Nope. The reason she’s using a wheelchair is far more sinister. She’s a chicken bred for meat, meaning she is forced to gain far too much weight, far too quickly, to increase profit. This means that she grows faster than her body can handle and she cannot support her own weight. She’s one of the lucky ones though, she is in rehabilitation with a lovely local animal sanctuary. Sadly, millions of lovely sentient birds like her are killed every single day. The worst part is that because of the industry still being heavily supply based, thousands of them end up at the bottom of a bin. Bred to suffer and die to end up waste. But us vegans who wish to see an end to this ludicrousness are the crazy ones right? 🙄 ___________________________________________________________ #vegan #vegansunite #govegan #savetheanimals #crueltyfree #livecrueltyfree #compassion #compassionatelife #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #vegansofaustralia #fortheanimals #stopthekilling #vegans #vegangirl #veganfit #veganfoodshare #friendsnotfood #theveganawakening #veganfood

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🐎 ❌ In the 2016-2017 racing year, these are the horses who lost their lives on Australian racetracks: Vite Loni Linsang Bella Lucinda Chilly Reception Nature Bites Wine & Chocolates Legally Cool Conteur Croissants Zafiro Da Vine Warrior Cosmic Pearl Hikikomori Secret Stealth Flying Toucan Drop On In Mr Andre Recompence Orbec Arwoc Above Suspicion Hard Liquor The Conspirator Caprivi Strip Hazy Blur Clarify Claude Spiritina Lord Lonhroe First Defence Real Time Perfect Weapon Montana Man Zuprising Mrs Ed Misses Ed Dunamite She’s a Ruby Puissance Decheval Vital Force Dashing Bella Dragon’s Magic Couldnotbebetter Eternal Key Rattlesnake Bat The Golden Pig Western Dream Be the Magic Unnamed filly Harare Heaps Good Lord Burghersh Adventure King Redoutable Heart Weatherly Hungerford Star House of Lords Fast Cut Sidereus Attacks Sound Strings Black Cat Moan Worth The Wait Brown Bob Heaps Good Taiyoo Artful Jack Vitervo Star Lepaute Accepting Weekend Shadow Redsera Unnamed filly Hoshi Finke Ready Above Dancing Derina Miss Golden Globe Harmonic Lass Masked Model Warlight Stylish Lad Scasrak Kiss and Wish Coolcat Dancer The Gold Trail Peace Talks Pelerin Ronn’s Moss True Commitment Montague Clan Almoonqith Quaternion Eagle Gee Gees Free Hero No When To Hold Em Wheeler Fortune Desert Land Jayzown Lubricate Fastnet Thunder Swingitlikesayers Elusive Star I’m Captain Oats Simply Ming Bring Back Kirkimack Magic Greg Red Fire Lady War ‘N’ Peace Wee Frankie Baby Boy Potato Bake Hoagy Pencita Fizza Ma Wizza Mine Craft Cent To Be Good Foreign Fighter Knight Esprit Crown Him Cylinder Beach In Taipei Spanish Love Rambling Raider Unknown (trial) Just Junior Kestrel Surface To Air Jansz Cape Londonderry Red Magic Noble Harris Cee Tee My Girl Ella Sebrarian Rollin Breeze Magic Topaze Unnamed filly (30/11/16) Pearls Ellofalass As Melbourne Cup Day is here, we remember them. The horses who were not famous. The horses who were too slow. The horses who died in their first ever race. They all deserved better. #NupToTheCup http://ift.tt/2hhAtVG

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This is the egg industry. These crates are full of tiny male chicks that will be poured, crate by crate, into a large grinder. Why? Because males don’t lay eggs and are considered useless to the egg industry and this barbaric method of ending their lives is the most cost effective. This is the sad reality of the egg industry. As much as we all want to look away from uncomfortable truths and may even feel attacked and confronted when these things are shared, not looking away is important, having the courage to acknowledge this new information and make appropriate changes is the highest form of empathy. Please reconsider eggs, we’ve no right to do this, no matter how entitled we think we are 🐥💜 ___________________________________________________________ #vegan #vegansunite #govegan #savetheanimals #crueltyfree #livecrueltyfree #compassion #compassionatelife #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #vegansofaustralia #fortheanimals #stopthekilling #vegans #vegangirl #veganfit #veganfoodshare #friendsnotfood #theveganawakening #veganfood#eggindustry

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